Monday, November 16, 2009

No, that compliment is brand new, I swear

What is it with guys?

Sorry, loaded question.
Specifically, what is it with guys who compliment you and then get all butthurt when you don't just fall to the floor in gratitude?

99% of the time I have heard your compliment or your line several dozen times. It's not new. I will say thank you and smile because I am unfailingly nice and polite. But don't expect more.
Do they think you're going to take them somewhere dark and fuck them just because they tell you you're hot, or have nice tattoos, or they like your hair?

Sorry buddy, I've heard it all before and not one of the previous compliment-givers has had that sort of luck with ME.

I also love dudes who hit on you in stores, gas stations, from their cars, etc. I guess I can admire their delusions...that they try even though it is absolutely RIDICULOUS to do so.

Although I do want to find that guy who told me I was too pretty to pump my own gas and that I should have someone who did it for me, who begged me to let him wash my windshield. My fear of gas stations grows every time I have to get gas and having a personal gas-pumper so that I can hide in my Cadillac is looking more and more appealing.