Sunday, December 5, 2010

Questions (since answered)

I wonder...after all this time...after some more years pass before us, and further down the line...will I ever stop missing you? After all the memories fade? And so many new ones made? I wonder...
does this kind of love ever completely fade away? Will I forget all of the good times, and all the ones that caused me pain? Will I pass you on the street and carelessly say hi? Will there come a time when I can look into your eyes and no longer miss you? Will I ever stop missing you? Sometimes I catch a whiff of your cologne, a memory on the breeze, on someone else/s skin, and my heart still skips a beat. Will I always refer back to you no matter who I meet? Will it always feel like swordplay when I think of all the things we'd say? After decades gone by, will I have ever stopped missing you?