Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hate You

(first half July 09, second half December 09. It's about 3 people, but they changed places...)

Hate that I love you.
Hate that I like you.
Hate that I care a bit at all.
Hate that I miss you.
Hate that I'd kiss you.
Hate that you're standing in my way.

Hate the goodbye-ing.
Hate all your lying.
Hate how you're playing the game.
Hate that you're so blinded.
Hate that you're willingly binded.
Hate that there's nothing to back up what you say.
Hate that you are all so full of shit.

Hate how you kill me.
Hate how you thrill me.
Hate how you just slinked away.
Hate to regret you.
Hate that I can't quit you.
Hate how I've learned the games you play.

Hate that you're still with her.
Hate that you kiss her.
Hate that you'd hurt her that way.
Hate you for staying trapped.
Hate all that nerve you lack.
Hate that it's turned out this way.
Hate that you are all so full of shit.